About Us

About UsConnecting, Building, and Transforming Lives  As Pastor of Crossroads Community Church, I have become very passionate about the value of relationships in ministry. This passion has reshaped my philosophy of ministry and has added great significance to the focus of the ministry at Crossroads. So, as you get to know us, you will see that we are not all about ministry programs and activities. In fact, it is my belief that ministry does not primarily take place in meetings and formal gatherings; rather, it is through relationships that people are impacted the most. Therefore, our ministry plan is simple—we desire to CONNECT people to one another so that they might BUILD relationships with one another, and, through those relationships, their lives might be TRANSFORMED by the power of Christ.

Getting Started  Our weekly small groups are a great place to make a first contact and get connected to new people, so we have designed this ministry to be our primary venue for getting to know our neighbors within the community. Our desire is to make our small groups and our Sunday worship gathering an exercise of relationship building in order that God might use those relationships to transform lives by bringing people to faith in Christ and helping us to grow in that faith. So please give us the privilege of connecting with you by visiting our worship gathering or a small group meeting in your neighborhood. Or, shoot me an e-mail. I always enjoy connecting with people in this way and would love to have the opportunity to meet you. Grateful for the privilege to serve, Pastor Jason Unzicker